Git can be challenging, but here are a few git commands that might be helpful on a daily basis.(Shortcuts work using Oh-My-Zsh)


git rebase -i master or grbi masterwill attempt to add all the changes in master to your current branch. This is typically done right before pushing upstream and…

🐍 vs. 🐪

When working on React projects it’s standard convention to use camelCase and in Rails use snake_case. So, when using Rails as a backend for a React frontend project — do you use snake_case or camelCase?

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I have experimented with all sorts of ways of handling this frontend-backend communication. One option…

What Is It And How To Incorporate It In Your Next React-Redux Project

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When using Redux, we reconfigure our components to allow for a global state that can be passed in as props and updated accordingly. This can drastically simplify our logic, as we no longer have to worry about potentially passing props down a long on child components. …

createStore() and connect()

Redux allows us to access ‘props’ throughout our project and have one global state. In this post, we’ll go in depth on createStore() and connect() when implementing Redux.

First, we need to define some things. We need a reducer when using Redux, like the example below.


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